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8-year-old Jackson Sees Cop Waiting at Door after Mom Posts Plea Online. Cops Walk In and Leave Her Bawling

8-year-old Jackson Arneson had been searching for a kidney donor for years. He had been on the living donor list, but as he went to more appointments, doctors noticed a continual decrease in function, which worried them.

The doctors told Jackson’s mom Kristi that her son would have to be moved onto the deceased donor list if they did not find a living donor soon. Kristi took to social media to spread the news of their search.

Kristi posted to Facebook, pleading with people to share the post and to get their blood type tested. She longed to find a match for her little boy.

“It was absolutely horrible. I can’t help him, so if I can find a kidney donor for my son I’m going to do it,” said Kristi. After being shared many times, her Facebook post came across the eyes of the person who would ultimately save her son’s life.

Lindsey Bittorf saw Kristi’s post after if was shared by a friend. She instantly knew what she had to do.

“This is seriously meant to be, it’s going to be me,” said Lindsey. After being tested and finding out that she was a match for Jackson, Lindsey did not think twice about offering her kidney to the young boy.

Lindsey and her husband are both police officers and even though they were strangers, they felt drawn to helping Jackson. They surprised the unsuspecting Jackson and Kristi by showing up at their house one evening.

Lindsey handed Jackson a present, and Kristi broke down in tears as soon as she saw what her son had unwrapped. “The search is over! I am Jackson’s kidney donor!” read the framed picture.

Kristi could barely contain herself as she cried with joy and hugged her new friend. “I took an oath to serve and protect my community. My kidney will now be able to serve and protect you,” Lindsey explained to Jackson.

Kristi cannot wait to see the things that Jackson will do in life. “I’m so happy just thinking about Jackson’s future, and all the things he’ll be able to experience after his transplant,” she said.

And as for Lindsey, she is simply a hero. “Lindsey is a beautiful person for giving him his future,” said Kristi.

source: Liftable

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